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Man accused of Zainab’s rape and killing part of global porn ring

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venerdì 3 marzo 2017

Christian Brother "monster" pedophile sentenced

A Christian Brother pedophile described as a "monster" by one of his victims will most likely die in prison after being sentenced to serve an extra six years.
Robert Best, who molested 20 children over two decades at schools across Ballarat, Box Hill, Geelong and Essendon, will not be eligible for parole until mid-2027, when he is 86.
He is already serving 14 years and nine months in jail for sex offences against another 11 boys.
In the County Court of Victoria on Thursday, Judge Geoffrey Chettle described Best's behaviour between 1968 and 1988 as "abhorrent and disgusting".
The court heard Best would grope the genitals and buttocks of his victims, often when they were in the sick bay at school or had injured themselves.
On one occasion at St Alipius in Ballarat in 1979, a year 6 boy was taken to the school boiler room for misbehaving.
Once there, the boy's hands were tied with rope by another pedophile brother Gerald Leo Fitzgerald with Best then sexually abusing the child.
On another occasion in 1973, Best directed a year 6 boy to read aloud in front of the class.
Best then stood behind the boy and slid his hands down his pants, sexually abusing him.
"Your offending was horrific, you were correctly described by one of your victims as a monster," Judge Chettle said.
"You caused lifelong misery for many people."
Judge Chettle said Best's victims had experienced problems with drugs and alcohol, attempted suicide, battles with employment, and feelings of shame, fear and isolation.
"I take into account your age and your health. I accept it's highly likely you will die in prison."
Tony Wardley, one of Best's victims from St Alipius, told reporters outside court his sentence "never feels enough".
"I hope he doesn't get out to affect more children, because he will. He's not feeling any shame or guilt or anything about it, he just thought it was his right," he said.
"It's part of their (Catholic priests and brothers') culture; it's the biggest, most powerful, richest pedophile ring the world has ever seen."
Following the sentencing, the Christian Brothers' Oceania Province released a statement apologising to abuse victims "without reservation".
"Robert Best has committed offences that represent the most grievous betrayal of the trust of innocent children and their families," the statement read.
"The independent judicial process has now delivered justice for those crimes."
Vic pedophile brother gets six more years MARCH 2, 2017 Amber WilsonAustralian Associated Press 

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