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giovedì 16 marzo 2017

'Monsters' get 40 years to life for child sex assaults

A State Police senior investigator called it the worst case of sexual abuse he had seen in 31 years in law enforcement
On April 20, 2016, two teenagers walked into the State Police barracks in Wilton and reported a decade of sexual abuse and torture at the hands of Michael and Jeanne Mosher.
It led to a police investigation, the arrests of the Moshers for abusing at least four children and ultimately the couple's guilty pleas last month to the most serious sex crime charges on the books in New York state.
On Wednesday, the victims finally had their day — and say — in court as a Saratoga County judge sentenced the Moshers each to the maximum 40 years to life in prison.
"How can you consider yourselves even remotely human?" one of the victims asked the Wilton couple as they awaited sentencing from Judge James A. Murphy III. "I don't believe that you deserve to live because of the things you've done."
Police found text messages, photographs and videos of horrific abuse that was "premeditated, calculated and planned by these two defendants," said Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Buckley, who prosecuted the case.
Text messages showed the couple "discussing which victim they were going to rape that day," the judge said. He said Jeanne Mosher sometimes drugged the victims with over-the-counter medications before they were attacked. And she gave teenage victims the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy.
"If that is not co-conspiratorial, premeditated and evil at its most defined term, I don't know what is," Murphy said.
A State Police senior investigator called it the worst case of sexual abuse he had seen in 31 years in law enforcement, Murphy noted.
The Moshers faced more than 50 counts of sex crime charges when they pleaded guilty in January. Both admitted to two counts of predatory sexual assault of a child. They abused the children over a 10-year period in Hadley and Wilton, ending last year.
The Moshers both looked down for the length of the proceedings. Jeanne Mosher shook her leg nervously.
The first victim who spoke Wednesday referred to the couple as "monsters in this horror story." She said she has risen above the unspeakable violence she suffered.
"As of this moment, right now, I'm finally utterly and completely free," she said.
The Moshers will enjoy no such freedom behind bars, she predicted.
"Do you know what they do to people that have done the things that you two have done to kids in prison?" the victim said. "I've heard stories. And if any of them are even remotely true, you are really not going to last very long. Now you will know what it's like to go to sleep at night afraid."
A second, younger victim called Michael Mosher an "idiot" and a "disgusting pig."
He started abusing her at the age of 3, she said.
"I was three years old. Do you think a three-year-old is responsible for saying 'no?'" she asked.
She said she too will move on with her life.
"I'm at this point never going to be normal. I don't think like the kids my age. I don't act like the kids my age. But I'm proud of whom I've become," the girl said. "I have a wall of people that love and care for me."
Turning to Jeanne Mosher, the victim said: "I'm finally able to see what people are like and I'll never go back to being afraid of what's out there. I'm better than you. You're at fault as much, if not more, than (Michael Mosher) is ... you made me scared of what's out there. But I love the world. There are amazing people out there and you know nothing about that, do you?"
When offered chances to speak, both defendants declined. Michael Mosher's lawyer, Saratoga County Public Defender Oscar L. Schreiber, asked the judge to impose the agreed-upon sentence under the guilty pleas. Jeanne Mosher's attorney, Conflict Defender Kyran Nigro, declined to speak.
The judge told both victims who spoke they were incredibly brave. He told them the only people in the courtroom who lacked the courage to look them in the eye were Michael and Jeanne Mosher.
"They know exactly what they did," Murphy said. "And it's pathetic. It's criminal. It's reprehensible. And there are really words that have not been defined yet to describe the horrific behavior that they themselves engaged in, that they participated in and they forced upon you."
The victims came forward last April even after Michael Mosher threatened one of them that if she went to police, he would harm other victims. The teenagers came forward anyway. And they told State Police about a decade of sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse inflicted upon them and the other victims, Buckley said.
The couple expressed no remorse or emotion, the prosecutor said. She said Michael Mosher told a probation officer conducting a pre-sentencing report he was "very upset that he let himself be that stupid." The probation officer wrote that the report cannot fully demonstrate "what a vile evil man Mosher is, nor does it capture in its entirety the horrific sexual abuse that the children suffered for nearly a decade."
The officer recommended Michael Mosher be jailed "until his last breath." The officer said Jeanne Mosher "did not shed a tear" over two days of being interviewed, expressed no remorse and should also be jailed for life.
The second victim who spoke told the Moshers she might become a public speaker when she is older.
"People need to know what about you've done," she said. "I can't imagine the amount of kids in the situation you left me in at this moment, waiting for somebody to save them. Those kids need to know that you need to stand up for yourself. Those kids need to speak up until someone listens because the only one that can save them is themselves.
She told her abusers: "You were an idiot to think you could get away with this."

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