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Man accused of Zainab’s rape and killing part of global porn ring

ISLAMABAD: The father of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari has accused the government of trying to ignore the fact that a man accused of r...


martedì 25 aprile 2017

8-month-old raped and killed by her dad

A man is charged with sexually assaulting and killing his 8-month old daughter.

The suspect's mother says that the baby should never have been in her son's care.  The grandmother said that because she claims the 8-month-old's mother had her other children taken away from her in the past.
She said she warned police, case workers and the state, but the system failed her grandchild Janiyah. 
On Monday the father and murder suspect James Saltmarshall broke down in court.
"Wait, wait, this never happened," said Saltmarshall, 22. "Wait, wait a minute.

"Can I call my mom, can I please call my mom."

After his outburst, the judge charged him with the murder, child abuse and sexual assault of his 8-month-old baby Janiyah.
"I'm losing two babies however you look at it, it looks like he's a bad person," said Aisha Saltmarshall. "That's still my baby."


Last Thursday police were called to Inkster's Alpine Motel after Saltmarshall claimed his baby stopped breathing. Little Janiyah was rushed to the hospital - but she eventually died from her injuries, which included trauma to the head.
Aisha, who had been caring for Janiyah, says last Monday her son and his girlfriend tried to take the baby back. She called Detroit police and Child Protective Services warning them about the potential danger.
She says authorities ignored her concerns and officers handed Janiyah to the couple.
"I'm telling you the baby is going to be in harm's way," Aisha said she told police. "Why do you insist on giving her (back)- I don't care if they do have custody papers - or whatever any questions you may have, of course they will lie and tell you just the opposite."
Aisha claimed after that, she called every Wayne County agency telling them Janiyah was not safe. And then on Thursday her worst fears became reality.

In court Monday, police told what Saltmarshall said to them the night of the incident.

"Saltmarshall denied initially that Janiyah had fallen, he said he attempted to pick her up and shook her in an attempt to wake her," said Lt. Jeffrey Smith. "As the interview progressed, (Saltmarshall) said Janiyah initially slipped off the bed on the floor, and struck her head.
"During the interview, Saltmarshall denied any responsibility in touching and damage to the anus."

Aisha says the system failed little Janiyah, and her son will have to pay for his crimes. But she feels more people are responsible for the death of the baby.

"I just wanted her safe," Aisha said. "I didn't need custody of her, she just needed to be in a safe environment. The environment she was in, wasn't a safe environment. DPD, CPS, DHS all failed. I think they need to be held accountable for this."
FOX 2 spoke to Detroit police, which said CPS made the call for officers to hand the babyback to the couple. The state of Michigan says the father had proper court documentation for custody. 
CPS workers believed he was living with his sister, who had the proper living environmentand workers had just tested Saltmarshall for drugs and he came back clear.
A spokesperson with DPD said the case appeared to be a custody battle; no one suspected what was going to happen.
Grandmother of 8-month-old raped and killed allegedly by dad says system failed Taryn Asher APR 24 2017

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