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martedì 4 aprile 2017

Child Trafficking on Apps

ROGERS, Ark.- Homeland Security, Hub of Hope NWA, and  Parents Against Child Trafficking spent Monday night educating parents on how to keep their children away from child predators.
Dozens of parents and teens listened to the stories of human trafficking from Homeland Security that have happened right here in the Natural State.

Jenny Sorey, the Founder of  Hub of HOPE NWA said,  "We are really a coalition. And so we work to bring healing and opportunities to victims of human trafficking and prevention and education to the community."

Monday nights mission was to bring awareness to child trafficking on social media, specifically on social media apps.

One of the organizers, P.A.C.T or Parents Against Child Trafficking said it's important to always be aware of what your children are downloading and who they are talking to. 

Barbara Gregory, the Founding Director of  P.A.C.T. said,  "The most innocent looking apps and online places that kids are hanging out, just are almost the most treacherous."

If your kids are downloading apps, Homeland Security said the most dangerous apps that predators target children on are Snapchat, Kik and Facebook. So it's important to be aware.

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