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giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Death of a Billionaire Pedophile

At the time of his death, Frankel was facing eight charges of child molestation and sexual abuse.

Former stockbroker and child abuse accused Sidney Frankel died on Thursday morning at his home in Johannesburg of cancer.
However, legal action would still be going ahead, said Women & Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA) director Miranda Friedmann.
The case before the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg is continuing and is set for 22 and 23 May. We will continue our support for the applicants who really exposed themselves and what happened to them so courageously,” said Friedmann.
Frankel was facing up to eight charges of child molestation and sexual abuse in what WMACA calledthe worst-kept secret in Johannesburg’s business, Jewish and socialite communities”.
Sidney Frankel has been abusing children for a very long time – and stands accused of molesting seven complainants who have come forward, who were entrusted to his care when they were very young children,” WMACA wrote in a statement in 2015 when news of the alleged abuse broke.
According to the summons before the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, Frankel was accused of molesting the children at five different locations, namely in Abbotford, Johannesburg; Ballifarm horse farm in Kyalami; Baobab Ridge game farm in Buffelshoek; the former Arcadia Jewish Children’s Home in Parktown, Johannesburg; and at his home in Athol.
Four of the applicants claimed they were “habitually sexually assaulted while taking a bath or swimming” when they were children.
Frankel had enlisted the services of attorney Billy Gundelfinger to defend him. The criminal charges were held in stasis as they had prescribed due to them being older than 20 years.
“It was a shock to hear of his death, we knew he wasn’t well,” said Friedmann, while conveying her condolences to his family.
Part of the issue for WMACA was the issue of the charges prescribing, which the organisation wanted overturned.
In terms of the Sexual Offences Act, there is no prescription for rape, compelled rape, child pornography or trafficking. All of these involve sexual abuse and for us it is important that sexual and indecent assault do not prescribe after 20 years. The case proceeds to the high court on the principle of unconstitutionality, and it proceeds on the principle, not on the person of Sidney Frankel,” said Friedmann.
Suellen Sheehan, who saw the former tennis legend Bob Hewitt convicted of raping her when she was a child, said it was sad for his victims as they would never receive the justice they deserved.
“His death was an easy out. I wish the abuse survivors well and I do hope they can all flourish now, pain free,” Sheehan said.
Hewitt was convicted of rape more than 30 years after it happened, and was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, which he is currently serving.
Friedmann said the WMACA would continue to stand by the plaintiffs in the matter.

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