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sabato 15 aprile 2017

Two US Airmen Charged with Child Trafficking, Sexual Abuse

Two US airmen have been charged with sexually abusing a teenager they were harboring at Dover Air Force Base, where both are stationed. Akeem Beazer, 21, and Dalian Washington, 25, have both been charged with sex abuse of a minor. Washington was charged with sex trafficking of a child as well.

Both men are being detained pending trial and have waived their rights to a preliminary hearing, according to court records.
The young runaway informed a social worker that she had been living at the base and having sex with Air Force personnel, prompting the investigation.
On March 16, the girl was interviewed by a Delaware State Police detective and an Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent. The detective knew the victim prior to the investigation, and according to court documents he was aware that she often lived on the street, as she had an unstable home life.
She reportedly told the investigators that she ran away from home when she was 15 last fall, telling a man she knew that she needed a new place to live. The man agreed to help her, trading his assistance for sex with the underage girl.
A criminal complaint notes that the man brought the victim to Washington at a Department of Motor Vehicles in Dover, where he paid the man $20 for his trouble. 
According to court records, Washington then took the girl back to his barracks where he had sex with her. For several months she stayed in the barracks intermittently, living off of food brought from the base dining hall. She eventually met Beazer through Washington, investigators say, who has sex with her both on and off base on several occasions.
Later, Washington would allegedly tell investigators that the man who introduced him to the girl had fathered a child with a woman with whom Washington was in relationship, who informed the airman that she was not interested in sex but said she was willing to find another partner for him.
According to Washington, the girl originally said she was 18 but later admitted to being only 15. He admitted that he and Beazer both continued their sexual relationship with her even after this revelation. 
The man who first interacted with the girl told Washington he knew someone who was "trickin'" (engaging in prostitution) and that she would be "good to go" if he gave him $20.
On one occasion, Beazer found the girl naked after bringing food to Washington’s room for her, telling investigators he took the girl to his room after finding her some clothes. Once in his room, Beazer began playing online video games with his brothers, and at some point discovered that the girl was naked.
In an affidavit,  FBI Agent Christopher Lake wrote that "Beazer's brother told him not to be a punk because there was a naked girl in his bed." 
Investigators found 157 nude pictures of the girl on Washington’s phone along with a video of her performing oral sex on him. According to court records he exchanged nude photos with the girl as well.
Beazer could face a maximum sentence of 15 years, while Washington could be hit with a mandatory prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.
Two US Airmen Charged with Trafficking and Sexually Abusing Runaway Teen © Youtube/US Air Force MILITARY & INTELLIGENCE 15.04.2017

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