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venerdì 26 maggio 2017

Ambulance worker jailed for grooming 11-year-old girl

A DEPRAVED ambulance worker was sentenced to 11 years in prison today for grooming a young girl to perform explicit sex acts involving animals and objects for him.

Depraved Alistair Hodge, 28, from Horace Close, Shortstown, met the youngster via social media and set about encouraging her to perform sex acts over the internet.
As the girl carried out Hodge's commands, he was recording her.
Luton Crown Court heard that the pair never actually met up, although Hodge was planning to.

After striking up a relationship over the internet, he set about encouraging her to perform sex acts on herself.
Today, the an ambulance dispatcher of Horace Close, Shortstown in Bedford, pleaded guilty to three offences of making indecent photographs of a child, one offence of causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and one offence of inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.
The court heard that the offences had been committed between January 3 and January 10.
Judge Barbara Mensah was told that abuse began with him persuading the child to touch herself intimately.
He persuaded her to use various objects and his depravity sunk to an all time low when her persuaded her to carry out a sex act involving an animal.
Passing sentence, Judge Mensah told Hodge that the offences 'were vile and offensive.'
The judge said the 'naïve' youngster had been completely taken in by Hodge, who the judge said was manipulative.
Judge Mensah said "It's clear you are a manipulative person."
She said that prior to the hearing, Hodge had shown no remorse or disgust at what he had done.
The judge said the offences would have a 'lifelong impact' on the victim.
In addition to the 11 year jail sentence, Hodge was made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life - which includes a ban on any unsupervised contact with a child under 16 and any computer under his control in the future would have to be fitted with risk management software by a police officer.
A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said Hodge was arrested after the victim's parent discovered messages of a sexual nature sent by him to the child, in which he groomed her and encouraged her to send him indecent images of herself.
Officers from Bedfordshire Police then executed a search warrant at Hodge's home and seized a number of phones and computer devices. Digital forensics officers carried out examinations on the items and found multiple indecent images of several children. 

Investigation Officer Amanda Dickson, from the Internet Child Abuse Investigation Team (ICAIT), said: "Hodge's computer devices contained images from the most severe category of child sexual abuse and there is no doubt that he is a dangerous sexual predator, so I am pleased he has received such a lengthy sentence for these sickening crimes. 

"He took advantage of a young girl, grooming her via messaging apps and intentionally inciting her to engage in sexual activity, as well as encouraging her to send indecent images of herself to him which he added to his sickening collection

"Online child sex abuse is not victimlessit causes severe harm to the children involved and is likely to have a lasting impact on them. We absolutely will not tolerate this and we are committed to tackling those responsible and bringing them to justice so that they cannot inflict their abuse on anyone else."

Shortstown ambulance worker jailed for persuading 11-year-old to perform 'vile' sex acts Bedfordshire May 26, 2017

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