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martedì 30 maggio 2017

Boys' Brigade leader jailed for sexually abusing children

A Devon Boys' Brigade leader who sexually abused children in his care has been jailed for seven years.
David Wall, 53, indecently assaulted three boys he was in charge of in the Christian youth organisation and went on to abuse a fourth boy. The married father of two carried out his sick crimes over two decades before his victims worked up the courage to come forward.
Wall, who assaulted boys in tents and in his home during informal sleepovers, was known by members of his unit as "Wandering Hands" Wall. ut boys were too afraid to complain until the first one contacted police until 2007.
One victim who only came forward last year said he had tried to take his own life. He told the court in a statement: "I have had 18 years of pure hell".
Jailing him for seven years, Judge Paul Darlow said: "This was a gross abuse of your position in a Christian caring organisation, the purpose of which was to promote moral values."
He said his abuse had a "marked" impact on his victim. He was finally brought to justice about two decades after the last offence, following a second trial. A jury in a previous trial last October could not agree verdicts in a hearing involving three of the complainants.
The officer in the case said outside court that she was "thrilled" with the sentence. DC Sarah Ronayne was praised for her three-year investigation.
Wall, now living in Ringwood in Hampshire, was found guilty of five counts of indecent assault against four boys. The jury, after more than ten hours of deliberations, could not agree on a verdict on a sixth count involving a fifth complainant.
Judge Darlow discharged the jury from reaching a verdict in relation to that single count. He entered a not guilty verdict. Ali Rafati, for Wall, said he continued to deny all of the offences and had stayed out of trouble since at least 2000.
He added: "There are things in those victim impact statements that may not be attributed on balance to David Wall." Mr Rafati said Wall has worked hard to run a charity for years in Hampshire, called Acts 4 Sharing, to help other people.
Wall showed little reaction as the unanimous guilty verdicts were read, shaking his head silently.
One of his victims told the court that he was driven to attempt suicide as his tormentor was jailed for seven years.
One victim told the court in an emotional statement that he was driven to try and take his own life when he was 23, about a decade after he was indecently touched during a sleepover in a tent.
The man added: "I have suffered 18 years of pure hell and almost taken my own life because of his actions. I was an innocent child who was turned into a self-loathing paranoid mess.

"Since this incident I feel that my innocence was lost".

The man, who was never in the Boys' Brigade, was about 13 at the time of the abuse. He added: "I do have a small ounce of pity for him. He must be a very sick man. He must not have contact with children ever again."

He said that he had battled with drugs, drink and depression because of the abuse at the hands of the married church-goer and father-of-two. The man added that he had a "number of emotional breakdowns". He said that he hoped the conviction would "bring closure".

All the victims said that they had trouble dealing with everyday situations and coping with relationships. One said he could not cope being in the company of men, which had blighted his chosen career.

He said in a statement: "I keep my head down, I work in a dead-end job and at the end of the week I just take my pay."

The man has seen a psychiatrist and had anger management. He added: "I cannot stand being touched by a man in any way, anywhere." Wall was convicted of five counts of indecently assaulting four boys. The jury could not reach a verdict on a sixth charge involving a fifth complainant.

The court heard that the police's hunt for Wall's victims of pervert took their inquiries all over the world. Detectives were hampered by the passage of time and the lack of membership records for the Boys' Brigade from the 1980s and 1990s.

Officer in the case DC Sarah Ronayne had to rely on the memories of complainants and other boys to trace their former colleagues. Two of the five complainants happened to be living abroad – one on the other side of the world.

One was never a member of the Christian organisation and came forward independently after watching footballers complaining of abuse they had suffered as children. Wall stood trial in October last year but escaped justice when the jury could not agree on their verdicts.

The first complainant came forward in 2007 and Wall denied the allegation in an interview which lasted two and a half hours. But police decided to take no further action and the file was not passed over to the Crown Prosecution Service. The exact reason for that decision had not been revealed.

The second victim to contact police in 2014 spoke out after being trained about child protection as part of his job. Police launched Operation Sandor in August of that year.

Wall said he was arrested at his church on his 25th wedding anniversary. He only identified his tormentor as "David" from the Boys' Brigade, but DC Ronayne managed to identify Wall and trace the original complainant.

The 2007 complainant could not give evidence at the first trial due to personal problems, but spoke out at the second. DC Ronayne told the court during this trial that she tried to track down former Boys' Brigade members both as potential victims and to support the stories of existing complainants.

A press appeal could have found the victims far faster but would have given strength to Wall's claims that everyone was plotting together to tell lies against him. A key part of the prosecution's case was that most of the men had not known each other as boys and had come forward independently to tell similar stories.

The Boys' Brigade head office could confirm Wall as a leader but pointed the officer in the direction of the Plymouth branch for membership records. But they had been destroyed for the 80s and 90s.

DC Ronayne traced a former senior leader in the Plymouth Boys' Brigade who confirmed some of the names from his own memory. Days after the first trial, the original complainant from 2007 came forward to give a statement.

The fifth complainant also came forward weeks later in November last year after seeing a news report while living abroad of the abuse suffered by footballers as children. The man rang the NSPCC helpline after seeing Andy Woodward and three other players on the Victoria Derbyshire programme.

The show was later to win a BAFTA for news coverage.

Reporting by plymouthherald

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