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Man accused of Zainab’s rape and killing part of global porn ring

ISLAMABAD: The father of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari has accused the government of trying to ignore the fact that a man accused of r...


mercoledì 17 maggio 2017


SAN LUIS — On May 4, Costilla County Deputies along with the help of other agencies conducted a thorough investigation involving Zanis McDonald, 43. McDonald is currently in custody on other unrelated charges.
The investigation led to McDonald being charged with 28 charges to include: 3 Counts of Sexual Assault on a Child, 2 Counts of Sexual Assault on a Child (threatens retaliation), 5 Counts of Sexual Assault on a Child (use of force), 3 Counts of Sexual Assault on a Child (pattern of abuse), 3 Counts of Sexual Assault on a child (position of trust younger than 15), 3 Counts of Sexual Assault (position of trust pattern of abuse), 3 Counts of Aggravated Incest, 3 Counts of Child Abuse, 1 Counts of Assault in the 2nd Degree (strangulation), and 2 Counts of Reckless Endangerment.
McDonald is currently being held on a $250,000 bond. The Costilla County Sheriff’s Office thanks the Costilla County Social Services, the Child Advocacy Center, and the 12th Judicial District Attorney’s Office for their assistance in this investigation.

McDonald charged with sex assault MAY 13, 2017

A Tilton man charged Thursday with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old remains under investigation by police who say they’re pursuing leads about other potential victims.
Charles H. Beckley, 53, was arrested Thursday night in downtown Franklin on a warrant issued by Tilton police. He currently faces two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault.
Police say Beckley sexually assaulted the teenager on more than one occasion during a six- to 12-month time period. Beckley knew the 13-year-old and her family at the time of the abuse, according to Police Chief Robert Cormier.
Tilton police began investigating Beckley after a local mother reported May 3 that her daughter had been sexually assaulted, Cormier said.
On Thursday, detectives executed a search warrant at Beckley’s home on Grange Road.
Following his arrest that evening, he was interviewed at the Tilton Police Department and then booked at the Belknap County jail in Laconia. Beckley remains incarcerated for lack of $20,000 bail. He was arraigned by video from the jail Friday morning.
Before noon Friday, Cormier said detectives had received new information from witnesses who had heard about the case. He said additional interviews would be scheduled soon.
“It remains a very fluid investigation,” he said.
Tilton police are asking anyone with information about the case to contact the department at 286-4442.

Tilton man charged with sexually assaulting child ALYSSA DANDREA May 12, 2017

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — A yearlong investigation into allegations that a Springfield man sexually molested several children beginning when one of them was 4 years old has resulted in felony charges.
David LaClair, 60, pleaded not guilty Friday in White River Junction criminal court to three counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. He was taken to the Springfield prison for lack of $5,000 bail.
These are not three separate acts on a single child, but rather three separate children,” Deputy State’s Attorney Heidi Remick said in court.
LaClair “ admitted to sexual contact with each of these three children,” the prosecutor said, and the children described abuse lasting much longer than the admitted acts.
Remick said investigators believe the abuse spanned four or five years beginning around 2010 when LaClair was staying with friends who had young children.
The children reported the repeated acts to high school counselors and teen phone hotline, according to an affidavit by Detective Matthew Sweitzer of the Vermont State Police.
One of the children told investigators she reported the alleged abuse to her mother, who did not believe her at the time, Sweitzer said.
Remick said the children’s accounts were consistent, “ and each observed at least some of the abuse of the others.”
When LaClair was interviewed Thursday, the detective said, he initially denied even knowing some of the children. But he later told investigators “he drank alcohol and consumed cocaine and heroin” during the period in question, and “ maybe ( he) watched pornography while children were present,” the affidavit said.
LaClair came to court voluntarily Friday and stood behind the defense table with oxygen tubes in his nostrils.
“ I would note that Mr. LaClair is in exceeding poor health,”defense attorney Erik Braghirol said.
“ He requires oxygen 24 hours a day and he has surgeries scheduled on both his lungs for June at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.”
Remick asked the court to hold LeClair without bail, noting he could face up to 45 years in prison if convicted of all charges, and has a history of alcohol-related offenses.
Judge Theresa DiMauro set bail at $5,000.
“His physical condition suggests he does not pose a substantial risk to public safety under his present circumstances,” she said.

A Mesa County jury returned a mixed batch of verdicts Friday in the trial of a 45-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a boy and girl over a span of several years.
Trini Lamar Trujillo, of Grand Junction, was arrested in April 2014 after investigators learned an elementary school girl told her foster mother that she had been molested by him.
A man who is now in his 20s also came forward and told investigators he had been sexually abused by Trujillo as a young child.
The man said he didn’t tell anyone about the abuse until he was 16 because he was afraid and didn’t think anyone would do anything about it, earlier reports said.
Trujillo was eventually charged with 18 counts including sexual assault on a child, tampering and child abuse. He pleaded not guilty and took his case before a jury.
The younger victim, who is still in elementary school, testified in court May 3, describing one instance of sexual assault that she called “the big incident.”
“I remember screaming,” the child told jurors. “He used his hand to cover my mouth.”
The girl recalled incidents where she saw pornography on a computer and when Trujillo warned her not to tell anyone. 
Jurors returned guilty verdicts in eight of Trujillo’s 18 charges, including both sex assault charges related to the man’s claims and three of 13 sex assault charges relating to the young girl.
However, he was acquitted in 10 sex assault-related charges brought based on the girl’s allegations.
Trujillo was also convicted on charges of tampering, protection order violation and child abuse.
He will be sentenced June 22, when prosecutors plan to ask that he be sentenced as a habitual criminal.

A 77-year-old Aurora man was arrested late last week on charges he sexually assaulted and abused a girl he knew over an eight-year span.

Inocente Delgado, of the 500 block of Binder Street, was charged with five counts of predatory sexual assault of a child younger than 13 and four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, all of which are felonies, according to Kane County court records.

Delgado is accused of committing the crimes from May 2007 to May 2015, records show.
Aurora police said the Kane County Child Advocacy Center, which is an arm of the state's attorney's office that investigates crimes against children, handled the case. The CAC does not comment on investigations or cases.
Delgado was being held on $1 million bail, meaning he needs to post $100,000 to be released while the case is pending.
If he does post bond, court records show, he is to be placed on electronic home monitoring, is forbidden to have any contact with the victim, and is banned from going near an address on the 1500 block of Liberty Street in Aurora.
Delgado is next due in court May 26 and faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the most severe charge, along with lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Aurora man charged with child rape, abuse over eight years 5/15/2017 

SANTA CRUZ >> A neurosurgeon who, until recently, was employed by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and a Dominican Hospital nurse have been arrested on multiple charges of sexual offense against children.
James Kohut, 57, was arrested Sunday at a residence near the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor on 4th Avenue on one charge of oral copulation with a child under the age of 10 and two charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. He was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail and is being held without bail.
Kohut, most recently practicing in Arkansas, was one of three doctors at Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center and one of two doctors at Dominican Hospital who specialized in neurological surgery.
Kohut ended his employment with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and parent company Sutter Health in 2016, according to a representative of the organization.
Rashel Brandon, 42, was arrested May 10 and charged with 11 felonies including sodomy, oral copulation and lewd and lascivious acts with a child as well as multiple charges related to the production of child pornography.
Brandon was arrested at a residence in the 500 block of Cirvelo Street in Watsonville, which is located a half block from Ann Soldo Elementary School, according to Santa Cruz County Jail records. She has been employed by Dignity Health since June 2016, according to a LinkedIn page.
A third, unidentified suspect is in custody outside of California.
“I can confirm we have three people in custody and that this is a very serious sexual abuse case,” said Watsonville police Capt. Jorge Zamora. “I can also confirm the case crosses state lines.”
In addition to the Watsonville Police Department, other investigating agencies include the FBI, the Santa Cruz County District Attorney and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program, a national network of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 3,500 federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies.
The Watsonville Police Department will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. Thursday to release more details regarding the case, Zamora said.
Kohut had recently joined Sparks Clinic Neuroscience Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas, according to the Sparks Health System website.
Kohut was disciplined for attempting to remove a temporal aneurysm from the right side of a 36-year-old patient’s head on May 21, 2002, when x-rays clearly showed the aneurysm was located on the left side, according to medical board records.
He was also disciplined for viewing pornography on University Medical Center computers while working at the institution as a neurosurgeon between 2002 and 2003, according to medical board records.
Kohut is married and has two college-age children.
BUCYRUS - He told police he raped a 5-year-old girl, and now could spend the rest of his life behind bars.
Donald C. Fisher, 56, of Bucyrus, was sentenced Monday to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years after he entered a plea of guilty to one count of first-degree felony rape.
Fisher was arrested in February two days after he molested the child, according the Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall. It wasn't the man's first sex-related conviction— Crall said Fisher was found guilty of gross sexual imposition in 1988.
Crall explained that the child's mother left the girl alone with Fisher while she went grocery shopping Feb. 25. When she came home, she noticed the man's pants were unbuckled.
"He said the child had put her hands down his pants," Crall said.
Crawford County Common Pleas Judge Sean Leuthold explained to Fisher that his crime was so severe that even the judge himself couldn't keep Fisher out of prison.
"You have to spend 15 years in prison before you're eligible for parole," Leuthold told the man. "You may very well spend the rest of your life in prison."
The judge reminded the man at the start of the hearing that he was entitled to call upon 12 of his peers for a full jury trial should he wish to avoid such a lengthy sentence, but the man's attorney told Leuthold that Fisher had no intentions of denying his guilt.
With that, the judge asked the man how he wanted to plea to his rape charge.
"Guilty, Your Honor," Fisher told Leuthold.
With that, Leuthold told the man he was now a Tier-3 sex offender. For the rest of his life, Fisher must tell the county sheriff every time he moves, buys a different car, finds a new job or even creates a new email account. The felon must also visit the sheriff's office in person every 90 days, until he dies.
Leuthold told Fisher that it would be up to the parole board to decide in 15 years if Fisher will ever be released from prison.
The judge wanted to know if the man had anything to say for himself.
"I know what I've done is wrong, and I'm sorry to cause this hurt and confusion for the victim and her family," Fisher said. "Maybe someday I can be forgiven."
Leuthold appeared unmoved by the felon's sentiments.
"Mr. Fisher, it's not my job to forgive you," he told the prisoner. "It's my job to punish you."
The judge said he was particularly disgusted by the way the man built trust with the victim's family, then struck when he had time alone with the little girl.
"You've got a lot of things in your life to make up for," Leuthold said. "I can't even comprehend how you will do it, but I would try, if I were you."

A 48-year-old man is going to state prison for 15 years to life for molesting two underage female relatives, including one over several years of sleepovers in Fullerton beginning when she was 7.

Amador Estrada received his 15-to-life sentence Friday after having been convicted of three counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor younger than 14, with jurors also finding true sentencing enhancement allegations for multiple victims. 

Evidence was also presented during the trial alleging Estrada also victimized a third relative, but he was not charged for that. 

The successful prosecution covers molestations that happened between Oct. 21, 2009, and June 19, 2012, when Estrada's youngest victim told friends at her elementary school what had happened to her, and the word spread to the principal, who contact police. 

The girl had previously informed family members, but they did not contact authorities. The Fullerton police investigation uncovered the stories of the other girls, including one who accused Estrada of “licking his lips” as he leered at her crotch.

Convicted Molesters and Enabler, Accused Child Rapist, Porn Collector and More MAY 15, 2017

Man forced 2 children to have sex, filmed the act 17 maggio 2017

Paedophile abused toddler while girl filmed him 17 maggio 2017

Music teacher arrested for child sex trafficking 17 maggio 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 28 17 maggio 2017

17-year-old sexually abused 12-year-old boy for years 17 maggio 2017

8-year-old girl gang-raped at school by 3 minors 17 maggio 2017

Rasta man raped 8-year-old girl 16 maggio 2017

Ex priest raped boy he paid for gardening 16 maggio 2017

22-year-old woman gang-raped by 11 men 16 maggio 2017

Policeman raped 10-year-old for a year 15 maggio 2017

3-year-old girl raped by 14-year-old neighbour 15 maggio 2017

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