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sabato 13 maggio 2017

Scout leader jailed for sexually abusing boys

A former Scout master who sexually abused young boys has been jailed for 16 years.

66-year-old Norman Thompson's historic offending spans three decades, with his youngest victim being 11-years-old at the time.
He admitted a total of 30 offences – 29 indecent assaults committed between 1984 2000 and one charge of making/taking an indecent image of a child, committed in 2015.
The indecent assaults were committed against young boys aged between 11 and 15.
The court heard how Thompson would arrange to take selected boys on trips and, whilst there, he would ply them with alcohol and subject them to sexual acts.
Thompson would also take boys to his then home in Aspatria and engage them in sex acts.
Thompson was interviewed by detectives in August 2015 and November 2015 and denied the allegations, claiming his accusers were “lying”. However, in a third interview in December 2015 he admitted that he had lied and that some of the allegations were true.
However, detectives believed he was seeking to minimise his behaviour and admit to the bare minimum.
In November 2016 Thompson admitted 19 indecent assault charges. He was due to face trial this week regarding the other 10 but instead changed his plea to guilty.
During the investigation, evidence of alleged further offending outside of England came to light. This evidence has been passed to the relevant authorities in those areas for further investigation.
Judge Peter Davies called Thompson 'disturbing' and 'manipulative'.
Firstly I would like to thank the victims in this case who have shown great courage in talking to detectives, decades after the abuse occurred. Without their bravery in coming forward and speaking about these terrible offences, Thompson would likely have never faced justice for his actions.
Thompson abused the position he held as a Sea Scout leader and the trust put in him by children and their parents to carry out sexual offences on young boys. He took them on trips where they were far away from their family, plied them with alcohol and sexually abused them.
“Throughout the investigation he has shown a lack of remorse for his actions and the impact they have had on the lives of the men who endured the abuse.
“I hope Thompson’s victims will take some comfort in seeing the former Sea Scout leader being held accountable for his actions today.

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