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Man accused of Zainab’s rape and killing part of global porn ring

ISLAMABAD: The father of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari has accused the government of trying to ignore the fact that a man accused of r...


giovedì 8 giugno 2017


EAST AURORA, N.Y. -- An East Aurora man could face 25 years behind bars after pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree criminal sex act, according to the Erie County District Attorney's Office.
Charles Ernst, 34, admitted in court to sexual abuse against a six-year-old child.
East Aurora Police said in September 2016 they were notified by Erie County Child Protective Services about the possible sexual assault of the child. They charged Ernst, then 33, with three counts of a criminal sex act and three counts of incest, both felonies. They did not release details regarding the incident. 
Ernst will hear his sentence July 5 at 9:30 a.m. He will also have to register as a sex offender after he is released. 

A man has been jailed for raping and sexually abusing a young girl over a period of several years.

Michael John O’Neill, 72, from Upton, Pontefract, was today sentenced at York Crown Court to 15 years’ imprisonment, and issued with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

He pleaded guilty in April this year to one count of raping a girl; eight counts of indecently assaulting a girl and four counts of gross indecency with a girl.

O’Neill’s crimes took place in the late 1960s and into the 1970s, in the Little Smeaton and Doncaster areas.

Detective Sergeant Fionna McEwan, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “O’Neill’s horrendous crimes have had an enormous impact on the victim and her family, and it is right that he now faces a significant jail sentence. I would like to pay tribute to the victim’s tremendous bravery in coming forward and talking about what happened to her, and I hope that she can now move forward with her life knowing that justice has been served.
I would urge anyone who is the victim of sexual abuse to report it, regardless of how long ago it happened. I know it takes a lot of courage for people to call us or walk into a police station, but I would like to offer the reassurance that we have specially trained officers who will support you through the process, as well as offering you the support provided by other agencies.
“Your information could also trigger measures that are put in place to protect other victims, and help to inform a bigger picture of offending – both of which can help to protect and potentially reduce the risk to future victims.
If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, no matter when, call your local police on 101. If you are in immediate danger, please call 999. If you prefer not to go direct to the police and you are not in immediate danger, you can contact a sexual assault referral centre (SARC) in your area. North Yorkshire’s SARC, Bridge House, can be contacted via 0330 223 0362. It is a service for all victims of sexual crime across North Yorkshire, regardless of when it happened. You can also contact Supporting Victims direct at or call 01609 643100.

Man jailed after years of sexually abusing girl  

Syracuse, NY -- A Syracuse man who previously abused an 8-year-old girl is now facing the chance of prison time for abusing another child on five separate occasions.
Johnny Gainey, 51, is now facing rape and criminal sex act charges for having sex with a 15-year-old, who was too young to consent. There is no allegation of physical force in this case.
Gainey is already a registered sex offender who abused an 8-year-old girl in 1995. For that, he was sentenced to probation, according to the sex offender registry.
Today, prosecutor Jordan Aiello offered Gainey a deal that would send him to prison for 7 years on the new charges.
Under law, each rape charge is punishable by up to 4 years in prison. Gainey faced a maximum punishment of 20 years if convicted after trial, though the sentence would be up to a judge.
He's also accused of failing to register his whereabouts as a sex offender, a felony. That could add several more years to his prison term.
Gainey has until mid-July to decide whether to take the plea deal. He remains in jail.

Syracuse sex offender mulling plea deal for new sex offenses against a child June 6, 2017 DOUGLASS DOWTY 

HASTINGS, N.Y. -- A 74-year-old Oswego County man has been charged with rape, according to the sheriff's office.
Gary Francis Floss, of Route 11, Central Square, was arrested by deputies shortly before noon Monday and charged with first-degree rape, a felony.
Investigators say Francis had sexual intercourse with a girl younger than 11 years old between October 2010 and July 2011 in the town of Hastings. It was not clear how many times the act was believed to have happened.
Floss was sent to Oswego County jail on $10,000 cash bail or $20,000 bond. He is no longer in custody, according to VineLink records.

Oswego County man charged for rape of girl younger than 11, deputies say June 6, 2017 KIRA MADDOX 

A man has been jailed for sexually assaulting a girl who trapped him years later in a phone call.
As a teenager, she contacted 46-year-old Richard Hewitt and recorded their conversation, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
Ian West, prosecuting, said: "She put the allegations directly to him. He answered and admitted it in bland terms."
She alerted police and he was detained last year.

That led to a four year six month prison term for Hewitt, who admitted two counts of sexual assault on a girl who was under ten at the time. He was barred for life from working with children.

In a statement read in court, his victim said: "I feel very very angry with what Richard did. He did horrendous things.
"What Richard did is something which happens between consenting adults who have the right to choose."
She said the assaults played a part in her misbehaviour in school and had harmed her relationships with relatives and other people.
"The fact I was blocking away what Richard did has made my life a mess. No-one should have to live with what a grown man did to such a young girl," she added.
Hewitt was put on the Sex Offenders' Register for life and must never contact the girl. He must not go within 50 metres of any school or spend the night in any house occupied by any girl under 16.
Tony Stanford, mitigating, said: "It was very much a one-off offence, one which is out of character."

Man jailed for sexually assaulting child after victim recorded his telephone confession rodmalcolm  June 05, 2017

A Louisville felon already serving more than 17 years in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography was sentenced Monday to life without the possibility of parole for coercing a minor to engage in a sexually explicit acts to create visual image.
Arthur Wayne Kniffley, who also was previously convicted in a 1995 case in state court of molesting three children, was sentenced to the life term by Chief U.S. District Judge Joseph H. McKinley.
Kniffley is a predator who abused innocent children repeatedly over the course of many years, children who will struggle with the effects of his unspeakable conduct for the rest of their lives,” U.S. Attorney John Kuhn said in a statement.
“We hope these victims, their families and our community may find some solace in knowing that others are finally safe from this man, who will spend the remainder of his life in prison, with no hope of parole or early release,” Kuhn said.
Kniffley, 43, was convicted by a federal jury in February following a three-day trial.
According to evidence presented at trial, Kniffley, using a Polaroid digital camera, molested and photographed a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct on three dates in 2003 and 2007.
He was previously sentenced in 2010 to 210 months in prison, and after that case was over, the FBI and federal prosecutors were contacted by a previously unidentified victim whose images had been discovered in forensic review of Kniffley’s digital camera seized during a search warrant.
The victim said they had been sexually abused and photographed by Kniffley when they were between 11 to 15 years old, according to Kuhn’s statement, which does not identify the victim’s gender. The FBI and confirmed the photographs contained the victim’s image.
The more recent case also was investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Joshua Judd.
Kniffley’s attorney, chief federal public defender Scott Wendelsdforf, argued in court papers that the life sentence violated with 8th Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment, but McKinley said the sentence was mandatory because Kniffley's 2010 conviction involved a minor.
Wendelsdorf noted that his client would have been subject to a lesser sentence under federal guidelines if he had murdered the youth.
Kniffley's 2010 case was cited in a Courier-Journal story two years later about offenders are punished far more harshly in federal court for possessing child porn than they are in state court for molesting children.
His lawyer in that case, Brian Butler, noted that he was given a sentence three times longer in federal court for possessing child porn than his state court sentence for sexually abusing three children.

PALM DESERT, CA – A Palm Desert man is behind bars Tuesday, suspected in multiple sexual assaults on a young child. Michael Jones Gallo, 58, is currently being held at the Banning jail on 11 total felony charges, booking records indicate.
According to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, authorities first received word of a sexual assault on a minor on May 26. Within six days, enough evidence had apparently been collected that Gallo was arrested.
"Deputies at the Palm Desert Station received a report of a past sexual assault of a minor on May 26, 2017," Deputy Mike Vasquez told Patch via email. "During the course of the investigation, a suspect, Michael Jones, was identified. On June 1, 2017 Jones was placed under arrest for multiple counts of sexual assault of a minor."
The assaults happened in Palm Desert, he said. Additional information about the case was not provided, due to the involvement of a minor.
County booking records show that Gallo was booked on ten felony charges of lewd/lascivious acts on a child under 14 and one felony charge of the continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14. Bail was set at $450,000.
The suspect is scheduled to appear in court on June 14.

Palm Desert Man Arrested On 11 Child Sex Charges   - June 6, 2017

A Florence woman and her husband pleaded guilty as charged Tuesday to dozens of child rape and sexual abuse allegations, and will each spend more than 40 years in prison for crimes against two victims.
Doreen Cater, 45, entered guilty pleas to a total of 112 counts in Lane County Circuit Court, relating to the repeated abuse of two children between 2011 and 2015. She was sentenced to 41 years and eight months in prison.
Her husband, 44-year-old Greg Cater, was sentenced to 45 years and 10 months in prison after pleading guilty to a total of 96 charges.
The couple will receive credit for the approximately 18 months they’ve spent in jail since being arrested in December 2015, but must otherwise serve their entire prison sentences with no chance for early release.
“I knew that they would never be able to hurt another child,” the mother of one of the victims said during the hearing, recalling her thoughts upon learning of the sentences that the Caters had negotiated with prosecutors during settlement conferences that led to the guilty pleas.
The second victim wrote a statement that Lane County Assistant District Attorney Bob Lane read aloud in court. In it, the child said that the Caters “both treated me like I was a prostitute.
“What you did to me was wrong,” the child wrote. “I will never, ever forgive you for what you did to me.”
The Register-Guard typically does not identify crime victims. Neither of the Caters’ victims attended Tuesday’s hearing.
Charges against the couple originally were filed in Lane County in December 2015, after a woman reported to police that she had found photographs that Greg Cater had taken of two children wearing lingerie and “minimal underwear.”
Greg Cater subsequently admitted to having taken the photos, and also said that both he and his wife had sexually abused the two victims in their case, authorities said.
Doreen Cater also confessed to numerous crimes against the children, authorities said.
The state’s case against the couple grew last July, when prosecutors in Deschutes County obtained an indictment charging the Caters with additional crimes. The couple lived in La Pine before moving to Florence in about 2014.
Attorneys for the Caters said in court that their clients had never wanted to take their cases to trial, which could have required testimony from both victims.
One of the victims was younger than 16 when the abuse occurred, and the other was younger than 14.
According to search warrant affidavits filed in court, detectives found on Greg Cater’s cellphone explicit photographs that appeared to show his wife engaging in sexual acts with one child. Police later seized a letter that he had written two days after his arrest. It includes an apology to one of the victims and asserts that he had made his wife “do bad things” to children.
Greg Cater told an investigator that he had engaged in sex with one of the victims on at least 100 occasions during the four-year period leading up to his arrest, according to one of the affidavits.
He and his wife both declined to make any statements during their sentencing hearing.

Florence couple get more than 40 years in prison for repeated sexual abuse of children Jack Moran The Register-Guard JUNE 7, 2017

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Tenn. — A former Covington police officer was indicted on rape charges involving a family member.

On Monday, a grand jury returned a five-count indictment against Raymond Pullen on charges of statutory rape by an authority figure and aggravated statutory rape.

Pullen has since been terminated from his job at the Covington Police Department.

He is currently out on bond and is scheduled to appear in court this Thursday for an arraignment hearing.
An Easton man who sexually assaulted a girl for years is a predator who should never be released from prison, a Northampton County judge said at sentencing Monday.
At 67 years old, Phil Leone was ordered to serve 28 to 88 years in state prison by Judge Paula Roscioli, who said she wanted to ensure he never offends again.
"Based on my sentence, it is unlikely that you will ever see the outside of a prison wall again," Roscioli told Leone.
In March, a jury convicted Leone of crimes that included involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and aggravated indecent assault.
Prosecutors said Leone sexually assaulted the girl in Bangor and Easton beginning when she was 5 or 6 years old and ending in 2011 when she was 11 or 12.
Assistant District Attorney Tatum Wilson said Leone exploited the vulnerabilities of a child, swearing her to secrecy and claiming they would both get in trouble if she told. Among the evidence against him: images of child pornography that Wilson said Leone began downloading after the girl stood up to him and stopped the abuse.
At trial, Leone took the witness stand in his defense, denying the allegations and painting himself as an upstanding citizen.
Leone said he is a former Bangor borough councilman, volunteer firefighter and church deacon. He claimed he only helped the girl and never abused her — as the victim, now a teenager, tearfully testified.

Leone plans to appeal the verdict, said his court-appointed lawyer, Matthew Deschler.
Should Leone live long enough to be released from prison, he will have to register for life as a sex offender.
Roscioli also deemed him a sexually violent predator, a designation that would bring enhanced reporting and counseling requirements. But the judge noted the classification is probably immaterial, given the sentence.
The only way to guarantee Leone victimizes no one else is for him to remain imprisoned, she said.
"The victim in this case should never have had to go through what you put her through," Roscioli told Leone.

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Teen serial rapist jailed 8 giugno 2017

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