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Man accused of Zainab’s rape and killing part of global porn ring

ISLAMABAD: The father of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari has accused the government of trying to ignore the fact that a man accused of r...


sabato 24 giugno 2017


A 37-year-old Wyoming man who offered teenage runaways money if they would pose nude for paid-subscription websites he ran was sentenced to 35 years in prison Thursday as part of a plea deal.
Kevin Renfro, who was arrested in July 2015, pleaded guilty this spring to charges involving three victims: sexual exploitation of a child, trafficking of children for sexual servitude, soliciting or arranging child prostitution, and recruiting or enticing a minor for the purpose of commercial sexual activity.
His case has been delayed several times in the past two years, but in March he pleaded guilty after two psychologists independently found him to be mentally competent to stand trial.
At Thursday’s sentencing hearing before Mesa County District Judge Valerie Robison, District Attorney Dan Rubinstein described three of Renfro’s victims — all underage girls.
Two were at-risk teens who were broke and had run away from home when they met him.
One victim, who Rubinstein referred to only as “S.H.,” met Renfro by chance at a McDonald’s, where he told her she could earn money by posing nude for his website.
“She was downtrodden, she had recently been in a car accident, she was homeless,” Rubinstein said. “Things were about as bad for her as they had ever been.”
Later, the girl got in touch with Renfro to take him up on his offer. At one point, she turned down Renfro when he asked her if she wanted to make money by performing a sexual act with another man, Rubinstein said.
Since being victimized by Renfro, the girl has started using drugs and has herself been arrested twice.
This massively affected her,” Rubinstein said.
Another teen — referred to as H.K. — was in a similar situation when approached by Renfro, Rubinstein said. Investigators recovered video of Renfro having sex with that child.
A third child was 11 years old when she was photographed at the home of Rebecca Franklin. Franklin, 35, made a deal with Renfro to receive payment in return for providing the girl’s 15-year-old sister for an erotic photo shoot. The 15-year-old refused, and Franklin offered up the 11-year-old, Rubinstein said.
Rubinstein said Thursday that a review of Renfro’s files and property contained thousands of other images that investigators weren’t able to connect to Mesa County victims. He said some investigation work has been turned over to authorities in Wyoming.
Rubinstein said he believes Renfro “believes that the girls went into this willingly and voluntarily and they’re not victims.”
Renfro, who represented himself in court, didn’t make any apology or statement about his reasons for accepting the plea deal. He asked Robison to note what he said were errors in a pre-sentencing report, and spoke briefly about being the victim of a sexual encounter when he was a child himself.
Renfro said he wasn’t able to make a statement about his sentence because certain files he had requested from his Dropbox accounts were never provided to him.
Robison accepted Renfro’s plea Thursday, as well as the agreed-upon 35-year prison sentence.
“I’ve said at various times over the years that the worst offenses I believe — or certainly some of the worst offenses — are perpetrated against children in our community,” Robison said. “These are some of the worst offenses.”
Franklin went to trial in June, and was found guilty of felony counts of trafficking and sexual servitude of a minor and sexual exploitation of a child.

Man gets 35 years for sex crimes against kids Gabrielle Porter June 22, 2017

A Council Bluffs man could face up to 120 years in prison if convicted on several charges of sexual abuse.
Phillip Roberts, 39, has his preliminary hearing Thursday at the Pottawattamie County Courthouse.
Roberts is charged with four counts of second-degree sexual abuse — each punishable by up to 25 years in jail — and two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.
According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, officers were contacted by Project Harmony concerning three children that the organization believed were abused by Roberts.
Each child told authorities Roberts had touched them inappropriately or performing acts upon them, according to police. Warrants for Roberts’ arrest were issued on June 8, and he was arrested June 12.
Roberts’ bond has been set at $125,000 at the Pottawattamie County Jail, and he has been ordered by a judge not to have contact with the alleged victims. 
An Ashtead man who sexually assaulted a girl aged under 13 has been sent to prison.
Mark Cole, 54, of The Warren, Ashtead, was found guilty at Guildford Crown Court today of three counts of engaging in non-penetrative sexual activity with a girl under 13 years.
Cole has been sentenced to four years in prison and has been placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Surrey Police's DC Tony Morrey said: "I hope this guilty verdict and sentence will in some way help the young girl to come to terms with what's happened and move on with her life.
"She had the courage to report Cole's vile offending to an adult despite the fact that he made her swear not to tell anyone and I'd like to commend her bravery in coming forward."
The offences took place in both the Ashtead and Dorking areas throughout 2015.
Following the sentencing DC Morrey also offered words of advice and encouragement to other victims of sexual abuse in Surrey.
He said: "I would also encourage any victim to come forward to Surrey Police and report any similar incidents by calling 101. Surrey Police treats all allegations of sexual abuse, whether recent or non-recent, extremely seriously.
"Our priority is victim care and people need to feel confident that if they come forward and report an offence, we can help. We have a dedicated investigation team for such crime and the dedicated unit works to obtain best evidence.
"We also work closely with our partner agencies including the NHS with whom Surrey Police has a Sexual Assault Referral Centre."
Advice for those affected by sexual abuse and assault can be found on the Surrey Police website at

Police say 50-year-old Enrique Sanchez has been captured.
Sanchez was wanted on three counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact and one count of continuous sexual abuse of young children.
There are currently four arrest warrants for Sanchez in this case.

Man wanted for several counts of indecency with a child captured  

CULLMAN - Cullman County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) investigators arrested Henry Dewey Loyd, 44, of Cullman on multiple charges of sexual child abuse.
Following a three-month long investigation by the CCSO, investigators discovered that Loyd was targeting someone with whom he was familiar. Loyd used social media and arranged to meet the juvenile for an unlawful act.  According to the sheriff's office, the victim came forward to CCSO investigators after the incident took place. 
Investigators then obtained warrants for the suspect's arrest from the Cullman County District Attorney's office. Loyd was arrested and charged with second-degree rape, second-degree sodomy, traveling to meet a child for an unlawful act, electronic solicitation of a child and transmitting obscene material to a minor. All of these charges are felonies.
Loyd is being held in the Cullman County Detention Center on a $180,000 cash bond.
I would like to make all parents aware that social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. have their good points; however, sexual predators are constantly on them as well trying to entice your children. I can in the strongest terms recommend to parents to check your children’s social media pages and private messages to see who they are speaking with because the predators are constantly looking for victims,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry. “I would also like to thank our investigators for the job they did on this case.”
Due to the graphic nature of the crime, no further details will be released.


Henry Fletcher, 81, of Farmersville, was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Disabled Child.

Special needs children are the most vulnerable members of our community and anyone that harms them will be vigorously prosecuted,” Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said.
According to information released by the Collin County DA, in June 2015, the intellectually disabled child, a 14-year-old female, went for a walk near her house in Farmersville. Fletcher, who did not know the child, coaxed her into his car. Fletcher took her to his house where he sexually assaulted her.
After the assault, Fletcher dropped the child off a few blocks from her house. She ran home and immediately told her parents. A sexual assault exam yielded biological material that was later compared to Fletcher’s DNA. DNA analysis confirmed Fletcher as the perpetrator.
At the time of the offense, Fletcher was 79 years old.
Farmersville Police Department Officer William Redding responded first to the scene and Collin County Sheriff’s Office, Child Abuse Task Force Investigator Danny Stasik investigated the case.
Judge Barnett Walker found Fletcher guilty of the offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Disabled Child and assessed punishment at 40 years in prison. Assistant District Attorneys Ashley Keil and Geeta Singletary prosecuted the case, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Stephanie Strickland.

Fletcher gets 40 years for sexual assault of a child J Wyndi Veigel 

An Autryville man has been charged with multiple felonies, including rape and incest, following a Sampson County Sheriff’s investigation launched last week. It is the second time in three days a registered sex offender in Sampson has been charged in a new sex-related case.

James Earl Norton, 49, of 51 Peace Lily Lane, Autryville, was charged with statutory rape/sex offense on a defendant 6 years of age or older, as well as second degree rape and felony incest. His bond was set at $250,000 secured and, as of Thursday, he was still in jail.

Norton was taken into custody Wednesday at 1830 Hayes Mill Road, Godwin, reports state.

According to Lt. Marcus Smith, the actions were reported on June 14, and the investigation began the same day. The arrest came exactly a week later.

“The victim reported to authorities that inappropriate sexual contact was made by the suspect. The victim was 15 years of age at the time of the incident,” Smith said. “We are unable to release the date of offense at this time due to circumstances surrounding the case that can’t be disclosed.”

The lieutenant cited the “sensitive nature of the case,” noting that authorities could not release any further information at this time.

Norton is a registered sex offender and is on the N.C. Sex Offender Registry, available through the N.C. Department of Public Safety (NCDPS). The database has his registeration labeled as “aggravated” and notes it is a “lifetime” registration.

Norton was previously convicted in Sampson of first degree kidnapping, second degree rape, second degree kidnapping, felony breaking and entering and larceny, according to court records accessed through NCDPS. The convictions stemmed from offenses that occurred in September 2002, when Norton was 34 years old. The victim was listed as “18 and older,” in the N.C. Sex Offender Registry information.

He was convicted in March 2003, serving about four and a half years before being released in August 2007. His parole expired in 2012. In November 2009 he was convicted of mutiple counts of larceny and given a suspended sentence.

Newton has a court date of June 30 to face the new charges.

A man who raped a primary school pupil at Preston Docks 20 years ago has been caged for eight years. 

Kieran O’Rourke, 34, was found guilty of two counts of rape and two of gross indecency against his victim, who was aged just eight at the time of the abuse

Prosecuting, Guy Mathieson described how O’Rourke, who was then at high school, and the youngster would sometimes meet friends at a “hangout” close to the locking gates at Preston Docks. On one occasion when the pair were alone, he forced the little boy into the bushes and raped him

The court was told O’Rourke, who is now dad to a seven-year-old child and three year old twins, had access to the young victim’s home at the time and took the opportunity to abuse him there

In a harrowing statement the victim, who is now an adult, said: “ I find myself in a position of bringing my devastating past back to life. It has ruined my life in ways I would have never thought possible.” 

He said he had turned to drug and alcohol abuse, had suicidal thoughts and had suffered relationship breakdowns and job problems due to the impact of the abuse

Perverted 87-year-old paedophile jailed 24 giugno 2017

Paedo bishop arrested for child sex abuse 24 giugno 2017

CHILD RAPISTS 133 23 giugno 2017

CHILD RAPISTS 132 23 giugno 2017

Welfare officer, man of God raped 2 young students 23 giugno 2017

Day care worker raped 2-year-olds, filmed the act 23 giugno 2017

Firefighters sentenced for sexual abuse of 16-year-old girl 23 giugno 2017

Play worker jailed for sexually abusing 7 children 23 giugno 2017

Abusi sessuali su minori, condannato parroco pedofilo 23 giugno 2017

7-year-old boy abused by a priest more than 100 times 22 giugno 2017

'Systemic failures' let priests abuse boys 22 giugno 2017

"Abuse of Faith" Church 'colluded' with predatory paedo bishop  23 GIUGNO 2017

Processo al pedofilo seriale, 30 vittime identificate 21 giugno 2017

31 kids rescued from global paedo ring 21 giugno 2017

Anti-Child Pornography Coalition 16 giugno 2017

Porn Addicted Rapists 48 24 giugno 2017

19-yr-old girl thrown out of taxi for resisting rape, died 24 giugno 2017

88-year-old woman raped by 21-year-old homeless 23 giugno 2017

Man who filmed himself raping young girl jailed 23 giugno 2017

Man sentenced for rape recorded on cell phone 23 giugno 2017

7-year-old girl raped by 65-year-old school bus driver 23 giugno 2017

6-year-old girl raped, strangled to death 23 giugno 2017

58-year-old man raped, killed 11-year-old girl 23 giugno 2017

Muslim teen raped, murdered by 22-year-old immigrant 23 giugno 2017

61-year-old man raped, murdered 18-year-old girl 22 giugno 2017

Man re-sentenced for brutal rape, murder of 22-year-old girl 22 giugno 2017

17-year-old girl kidnapped, raped for 3 weeks 22 giugno 2017

52-year-old man entered into home, raped 6-year-old girl 22 giugno 2017

Video of 15-year-old girl being raped uploaded to Facebook 22 giugno 2017

5-yr-old girl raped by 15-yr-old 22 giugno 2017

10-year-old girl raped by asylum seeker in Germany 22 giugno 2017

Grandmother brutally raped by neighbour while grandkids share her bed 22 giugno 2017

5-year-old girl raped, murdered by 55-year-old serial rapist 22 giugno 2017

18-month-old boy raped, died from severe injuries 22 giugno 2017

6 year-old girl raped, killed 22 giugno 2017

Grandmother raped, beheaded 22 giugno 2017

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