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mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

Paedophile scout master abused children hundreds of times

A PAEDOPHILE scout master who gained the trust of his victim’s families before abusing one boy an estimated 400 times should not have a crushing sentence imposed on him because of his age, a court has heard.
One of Anthony Allan Munro’s victims spoke outside court on Wednesday saying the 75-year-old perpetrator’s teary apology to the court did not make up for years of abuse.

A spokesman for the victim said Munro’s actions constituted “unrelenting crimes against children”.
“It’s too late for Anthony Munro, it has always been too late for myself,” victim Andrew McIntyre, who gave written consent to be identified, said.
“He will have a long time in prison to think about the other things that he needs to tell the general public.
“I don’t think that life is going to be very pleasant for Mr Munro.”
Munro appeared via video link from Mount Gambier Prison where he has been held in protective custody since his bail was revoked in December 2016.
He will be sentenced for 10 child sex offences against two victims including unlawful sexual intercourse against a child under 14, buggery and gross indecency on Kangaroo Island and at Rapid Bay and Glenelg.
Judge Paul Slattery heard impact statements recounting how years of abuse had left both victims with myriad mental health issues.
A victim, who cannot be named, said the abuse began when he was 11 years old and continued for four years.
He estimated Munro abused him more than 400 times over that period as the victim spent weekends with the scout leader.
Munro was 23 years older than the victim and preyed upon the boy’s insecurity and lack of attention as one of four children in a busy household.
“The monumental lie which would shape my whole life had begun,” the victim wrote.
“I felt special and important with him.
“With him I was someone, without him I was lost.”
The abuse began when the victim broke his leg and Munro attended the hospital as a representative of the scout group where he was a respected leader.
Munro then saw the victim most weekends, took him on camping trips and holidays around the state, all the while abusing him.
Years after the abuse ended, after the victim had a family of his own, the fear he would be like Munro and abuse his own children haunted him.
“I was afraid, no terrified, that I would be like him,” he said.
Munro’s lawyer Stephen Ey asked Judge Slattery to not impose a crushing sentence, requesting the court give the elderly man a chance at being a productive member of society in his final years.
The court heard Munro had provided financial compensation to both victims.
Munro read a letter to the court saying he wished he could take back what he had done and wept as he said the victim impact statements made him even more ashamed.
The court heard Munro had served seven-month prison term in 1992 for the abuse of an 11-year-old boy who was also a member of the scouts.
Since that time, Munro moved to Cambodia where he owned a bar in Siem Reap and was involved with a number of non-government organisations.
Outside court, a spokesman for Mr McIntyre said Munro’s crimes had only been exposed by the bravery of his victims.
“Andrew McIntyre is a victim,” he said.
“The actions of these men, their families and loved ones have paved the way for the truth about Munro to come clear.
“After 50 years of flying under their radar despite his unrelenting crimes against children, the monster that is Anthony Munro has finally been exposed.
Munro will be sentenced in August.
Paedophile scout master Anthony Allan Munro abused children hundreds of times, victim says Mitch Mott, The Advertiser June 7, 2017

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