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martedì 4 luglio 2017

Social video app used for child abuse

Police have written to every school in a county raising concerns about a live video-streaming social media app.
Detective Sergeant Nickie Deeks of the Paedophile Online Investigation Team warned head teachers in Northamptonshire that a stream of a young child being directed to engage in sexual activity had been watched more than 15,000 times on the app.
The detective also asked schools to make parents aware that under the latest update to Snapchat, another social media app, public settings allow users to find someone’s exact location.

Video app is used for child abuse, police warn schools July 4 2017 The Times

Police have issued a warning about a terrifying live-streaming app after a young child was directed to engage in sexual activity in footage viewed more than 15,000 times.
Staff from the POLIT (Paedophile Online Investigation Team) have taken the action to try to bring the app to the attention of parents.
Detectives have also written to every school in Northamptonshire warning headteachers about the video app.
It allows users to broadcast live-streaming videos and watch others' videos online, however the terms of use specify that users must be aged 18 or have parental permission to use it.
In the letter circulated to schools, Detective Sergeant Nickie Deeks, from the POLIT team, said: "We have been made aware of an out of force investigation where a young child has been directed by a suspect to engage in sexual activity and this stream has been viewed more than 15,000 times.
"Parents should also be aware that in relation to the latest Snapchat update, public settings allow users to find someone's exact location.
"It produces a map which allows you to see their exact location down to the house they are in.
"Snapchat 'hotspots' allow anyone to see snapchats that are set to public - you do not need to have added any of these people to get locations and the update is worldwide.
"Children and young people are vulnerable for a number of reasons to being sexually exploited through the use of the internet and, in particular, social media.
"The internet is an amazing resource and tool but sadly does come with risk."
Northamptonshire Police has offered parents several solutions including setting up smart-phone free zones so, for example, make upstairs always free of technology.
The police say if parents are constantly on a phone or tablet then their children will potentially imitate that behaviour.
Another tip from the police is is for households to have a no technology or devices rule for at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
MirrorOnline has contacted for comment.

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