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Man accused of Zainab’s rape and killing part of global porn ring

ISLAMABAD: The father of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari has accused the government of trying to ignore the fact that a man accused of r...


venerdì 17 novembre 2017

Cybersex trafficking rising at alarming rate

A new form of human trafficking that sees children forced to carry out sex acts while being live-streamed for paedophiles to watch online is growing at an “alarming rate”, a charity has warned.

Known as “cybersex trafficking”, 

First paedophile charged with cybersex trafficking 27 marzo 2017

the dark crime has become rampant in the Philippines, where police are receiving thousands of referrals every month and nearly 100 children have been rescued in the past year alone. Demand largely comes from Western paedophiles in places including the UK, Canada and the US.
It sees youngsters, usually under the age of 12, forced to perform sex acts on themselves or each other, molested by an adult, or abused in other degrading ways. The youngest victim reported was a two-month-old baby.
In a rescue mission last week, nine child victims aged between two and nine years old were rescued by Filipino authorities. It followed a referral from police in Canada after they discovered a Canadian man was paying a woman in the Philippines to view live-streamed sexual abuse of young children.

Paedo filmed sex with Filipino girl aged under five 12 NOVEMBRE 2017

The arrested suspect produced and sent sexually explicit images of very young children via social media to paedophiles overseas in exchange for money.  
She described sex acts that she would force the victims to do on themselves and on other children for the foreign customer watching online from abroad.  
The suspect is also alleged to have told her online customers that she could sexually abuse children of any age and that the children could do whatever sex act the customer wanted until the children cried in pain.
She even offered to sexually abuse a three month old baby in exchange for money but the baby was not found during the operation.
During the rescue mission, the suspect was caught by police in the act of offering to perform sex acts on her own eight-year-old daughter and “live-stream” those sex acts from her home.
The suspect was not poor, and had demanded thousands of pesos for every child sexual abuse show and had been doing this for several years. She lived in a four-room house with a large LED flat screen TV, two laptops, a tablet and an entertainment centre. 
The International Justice Mission (IJM), a global organisation that protects poor communities from violence by partnering with local authorities, and helped facilitate the latest rescue of Filipino cybersex victims, has warned that the “disturbing” crime is fast-growing.
David Westlake, chief executive of the organisation’s UK branch, said: “Cybersex trafficking of children is a deeply disturbing global problem. Demand largely comes from Western paedophiles in places including the UK, Canada and the US
Increased global access to technology and the internet means that this dark crime is growing at an alarming rate. Filipino police alone are receiving thousands of referrals every month.
"International Justice Mission and Filipino police are urgently working with global police and intelligence sources from countries like the UK, US and Canada to help identify victims being abused and then rescue them.

Child sex abuse live streams rising at 'alarming rate' amid surge in 'cybersex trafficking' May Bulman  Nov 17 2017

Traffickers Lure Vulnerable Children in UK Care With 'Web Of Lies' November 16, 2017 Reuters

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